DNR closes Wolf Harvest Zone 1 and Zone 5 to hunting and trapping, effective 7 p.m. t

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  1. DNR Central Office - EDITOR'S ADVISORY: After the closing of Zone 1, harvest rates in Zone 5 initiated an additional closure. Please note that both Zone 1 and Zone 5 will be closed to hunting and trapping of gray wolves, effective 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 30.

  2. The tree hugging do gooders are still claiming we are killing off the Wolves, Taking too many----Ha---- 2 weeks into season almost reached statewide quota already-----Plus we still are not making a dent in the popolutation----I have-(had) a permit for zone 5 was waiting for later November to hunt one---Now closed----Still seeing wolves by accident near my land in Clark County, Last weekend found fesh deer kill by wolves on no west corner of my land !!!!!!!!! Lets go for 400 next year H H