DNR update on Grant County manure spill

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  1. By Central Office February 29, 2016

    Contact(s): Mark Cain, Wastewater Engineer, 608-275-3252David Rowe, Fisheries Supervisor, 608 275-3282

    FENNIMORE, Wis.-The Department of Natural Resources continues to investigate a manure spill from the Misty Morning Dairy in Grant County. The spill occurred on Feb. 17 near the intersection of County Highway Q & Wood Road near Fennimore.

    While the spill has been contained, manure and runoff did enter Castle Rock Creek, a high quality stream popular with trout anglers. Initial clean-up and control of the discharge was completed Friday Feb. 19. Department staff are investigating the cause of the spill and assessing impacts to the local environment. Staff from several DNR programs--including runoff management, spills, enforcement, water quality and fisheries--responded literally within minutes of hearing about the spill, supervised containment and cleanup efforts and continued to monitor the situation.

    Department staff assessed the stream last week and have recovered approximately 50 dead trout since the spill occurred. Assessing the severity and extent of any impact to the trout population has been difficult, due to cloudy water from the spill, normal spring runoff and heavy snowmelt shortly after the spill. Staff will continue to monitor the stream for impacts to fish.

    Misty Morning Dairy is a large farm which operates with a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit issued to them in February 2014. In 2013, the DNR recovered $50,000 in state funds from the dairy that was used to cover the cost of an emergency pump and haul of manure from a pit that had become full and was in danger of overtopping.

    The Grant County Health Department remains the lead for any well or drinking water questions, and the public is encouraged to contact Jeff Kindrai, Director, at 608-723-6416 with any questions.

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