Do deer eat popcorn??

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  1. Hi,

    Before you wonder why don't I just throw some out to find out, let me explain a bit why I am asking first. I own a kettle corn machine and it is currently packed for the winter. I would hate to dig it back out to find out my idea was a bit useless. So with that said, do deer eat popcorn? I could make it plain or with sugar (kettle corn). I happen to have an extra 50lb bag of unpopped corn that will not be used next year because I prefer fresh ingredients when selling to customers. I figure it might be a good use for the popcorn, as long as they will eat it.

    Has anybody tried this before? I do have barrels with lids to store the popped corn in so spoilage should not be a factor. Any input is appreciated.

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    any kind of corn the wild critters like..

  3. I am very pleased to hear that.

    I bought a 100lb bag of field corn, shelled, the other day from the feed store and was shocked at the price, $13.50 per 100lb. Last time I bought corn it was only $6.00 a 100. Guess that shows how often I buy the stuff. Anyways, kinda forced to buy some this year since neighboring land has switched to new owners and they have been dumping feed for the deer. So much that I rarely see the deer cross through the small parcel we own (2-3 acres of woods). The trail cams confirm my thoughts on this. I do not hunt this small spot much at all, maybe a handful of times each bow season. Yet it would be nice to be able to see something when Next years project will be the addition of apple trees.

    Thanks for the reply Spinner.