Do I plant or let it grow wild??

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  1. I had a forester make a plan fo 40 acres of woods and they clear cut it. There are still some oaks and maple left but it is open in spots. My question is this, should I plant something in the open areas or just let it grow back wild?
    There are lots of brush piles for the deer and grouse as well as new growth birch/popple.

    Thanks, Mac:smile:
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  2. plant-grow back wild

    You could plant some areas about 1/4-1/2 acre in size in pine trees to provide cover.Also you could try planting 2-3 wide rows of pine along areas by your stands to promote travel routes.

  3. BOTH. Put about 10% - 20% of it in startegically located plots in 1/2 - 2 acre plots. start spring and fall plots so there is always a preferred food source year round. Make sure you clear trails throught the clearcut BEFORE they grow in and mantain them for easy hunting and maintainence. A small water source is another good idea if you have room.
  4. I'm curious what you decided. I would be doing some planting for sure. What and where would depend on how the clear cut is laid out and the soil type.