Do you know a child with a life threataning illness?

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    If so, please take the time to read this post as this may be the opportunity of a lifetime for that child..

    As you all can see from my signature I help with the Tony Semple Foundation For Hope which grants wishes and provides Dream hunts for those children chosen!

    The foundation was started 3 years ago and has since expanded from initially taking 3-4 kids per year to this year taking 12 or more kids on these special hunts.

    If none of you know Tony, he is a former Offensive Lineman for the Detroit Lions. Probably one of the largest guys I have ever met and he has a heart that is even bigger...

    These hunts are all expense paid and all equipment is provided brand new to these kids to include The Hunt, Taxidermy, Optics, Thompson Center guns (For Deer Hunts), Mothwing camo clothing, boots and ammo.. There are 4 are deer hunts and 1 alligator hunt this year and we will have 3-4 kids at each event..

    I have personally been at these hunts helping and can first and formeost tell you the joy that you see on these kids faces is an emotional experience like no other. It is almost revitalizing for these children and does give them hope! At the same time some of these kids never even make it to see mounts and in one case never even made it to the hunt.. It is heart wrenching experience and lets me personally know just how lucky I am so to give back is the least that I can do for these children who love so much what I can enjoy every day...

    Please contact me through PM if you know someone that is faced with this adversity and if chosen look forward to meeting them and making the dream come true if chosen!

    To the Moderators - This is a non profit organization and we ask nothing except applications for the kids with these conditions as we still have additional openings for this year!
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    Thanks so much for posting. We need more people like you.

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    I appreciate that Feed Man.. I see you on the michigan Forum all the time and look forward to your posts!
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    Any child with a severe disability could also qualify! Sorry!