do you think the DNR is FAIR to hunters?

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by oliver, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. I like to get some fed back to the qustion I am asking.There are a few ISSUES I have with the hunting rules in this Stae.

    small game just 5 squirrels why so little for such a small animal what about if it was changed to 10

    3 cotton tails is wis.worryed of running out of rabbits or squirrels?
    If NOT why then is the bag limit low?

    big game

    why just a 9 day deer hunt? why not 15 like Michigan has?

    why cant you use modern guns during muzzle loading season?

    why do the fees keeping going up

    black bears

    they should get RID of the lottery and issue a certian # of permits OTC like they do for deer, the way the bear lottery is is UNFAIR!!! people wait 5,7,8 years for a permit!!!

    and these are just hunting!
    it's like they’re saying” F---K you!” if you dont like our heavy-handed ways go to another State to hunt!

    and what will they do when Wisconsin WE get to hunt the WOLVES ?more HOOPS to jump thru? Now I know I’m NOT THE ONLEY one who disagree with the DNR here.
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  2. so I guess everybody ere including all the hunters are HAPPY WITH THE DNR.....huh?

  3. do you really need 6 more days to hunt deer? you cant you's modern guns during muzzle loading season becouse it's muzzle loading season. the lottery for black bear works ok they could put out more tags in some units. the fees have to go up just like every thing elst.
  4. Well I think they should let modern guns and muzzleloaders hunt together why should I have to buy a different gun to hunt muzzleloading season? why cant they make it easer on the hunter? and yeah I want a 15 day hunt whats so WRONG WITH THAT? how many people get a bear permit on the 1 st round? you have to build up your points and that take a few years why wait that long?
  5. Considering that bowhunters get 90 days for deer season, broken only by the 9 day regular firearms season.
    I don't see the problem with having a 16 day season, including eliminating the Youth special season, and the other doe only seasons.
  6. your right the DNR are alot more FRIENDLY to BOW HUNTERS! then GUN HUNTERS.
  7. what would be a good reason for eliminating the youth hunt? The only people who feel that way are the selfish people who think it's unfair that kids may get a shot at a big buck before they will. The youth hunt not only generates money to the state but it gives young kids a chance to hunt with out the woods being so congested with other hunters, a safer environment.
  8. First regarding the Youth hunt----I wait all year, patterning bucks, making plans, My testosterone also goes up--Then, just before the rut kicks in we have kids chasing around the woods, Then shooting, This ends up being a great way to make older bucks nocturnal---Its also usually quite warm--wasted deer meat-----Now about the DNR----The past few years it was Gov Doyles plans to raise any and all fee,s---The Yes still over spend----DNR has always had dyslexia in counting---Re---Deer count off-------Bear count off------
  9. I've seen no ill affect since the youth hunt has started. The youth hunt is not supposed to be about kids running through the woods chasing deer and shooting recklesly. It is a time when we as a adults are supposed to teach kids proper techniques while hunting. If kids are having that much affect on your hunting you may want to consider blaming the mentors not the kids. We hunt on 120 acres of land with 2 kids hunting during the youth hunt. I've never noticed any change in patern from taking 2 shots or making 2 kills. We take the deer completely off the property before cleaning/gutting. The only complaints I have ever heard about the youth hunt is land owners who set up trail cameras and get nice bucks on their cameras get pissed when they are taken during the youth hunt.
  10. Try getting onto public land ! The past few years I have seen bucks go nocturnal just after this hunt, Kind of hurts the archery rut hunt, I am not against the Kids Hunt, Just the timing ! Think about Decemebr or early january when the kids are out of school looking for something to do !____Also as far as Kids hunt is concerned, Why not issue a special license for this hunt. This way the kids can join the family regular hunt with a tag in their pocket>
  11. What was the reasoning for the Youth Hunt in the first place? Safety? Not likely. The youth hunt DOES NOT generate any more revenue than those same kids hunting dirung the regular season.

    Face it, the youth hunt is a poorly executed plan to give accommodations to a special interest group.

    This is hogwash. There is absolutely no reason those same kids cannot be taught safe hunting techniques during the regular hunting season.

    Well good for you, you have private property to hunt on. Also I have to call BS on totally removing the deer before you care for them. That is far too much work to go through unless you have a tractor handy.

    You seem to be centered on poor information. The youth hunt is an impractical solution to a self created emotional problem.
  12. MisterG you're wrong about the youth hunt not generating money. I believe you have to be 12 in order to go through hunter safety, at least all the courses I have looked into in my area. So if you allow 10 to 12 year olds to hunt without having to take hunter safety you generate more income through license sales from people who normally would not be able to buy a license because they have not taken hunter safety. I don't see what special interest groups would care about youth hunting?

    As for you second comment the starts with "Hogwash".. would you give up any of your 9 day gun hunt to teach a child to hunt? Maybe you don't have kids so it doesn't directly affect you. Personally now I hunt for my kids, both have taken hunter safety and both can hunt during the state season. I still sit with them and allow them to hunt and shoot instead of myself.

    Your third comment comment about "Good for me".. So is this more about the number of people on public land? I hope you wouldn't criticize me because I have private land. If you do a little research you could find forest crop land that does not get hunted because people don't know where to access it from. I guess it's just easier to walk off a county road into public land. As far as removing the deer before caring for it, sorry but it's the truth. I don't need a tractor to move a deer. A truck and a strong back works just fine.

    If I am centered on poor information I'd hate to see the place you're getting your information from. I will always stand by my comment about this just being about kids getting a shot a nice buck before hunters during the normal season.
  13. I don't understand some people. You whine that the deer numbers are down. (I agree the dnr had a pretty heavy hand in the lowering of the deer her). Then you say that you should be able to hunt with a rifle during muzzleloader season (more deer killed). Then you complain about only 5 squirrels and 3 rabbits. Same thing as deer you CAN lower populations by killing too many rabbits and squirrels. Logging woods has changed lots of clear cutting, and removing wooded fence rows to accomodate for $6 and $7 corn. That is prime squirrel and rabbit habitat, so with the lessening of habitat and such why change the limit just because you don't want to be piggish. And on to the bear hunting complaint: why doesn't the dnr just eliminate the bear herd like they have done deer then you can get a kill tag every year but get a bear every 7 or 8. From what I've heard about Michigan that's how it is there. You get a tag every year but kill one maybe every 5 at the most. The way it is now it sucks waiting for a kill tag but you have a great chance to get a nice sized bear. And it is cheaper to send in for a $3 preference point 5 times than a $50 tag five times to get a bear. I am in no way a dnr supporter and think that they screw up more things than they help but some people have to just quit whining and hunt. And by the way it was brought up to extend the rifle season longer 2 years ago and was voted down BY THE HUNTERS. The 9 day season is a tradition and if Michigan is so much better I'm sure they will welcome your out of state $ with open arms.

  14. The DNR agreed with you in the past about extending the gun season, but the people of WI disagreed and thus it didn't go through.
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  15. Sure was nice to read this. The youth season was set up to try and get more kids hunting, More kids hunting means more adults hunting. I am glad to see some people would rather have less kids hunting and more running the streets.

    Some people are so about themselves that it makes me sick.

    You complain about the kids out hunting for a few days, ever been bow hunting with guys walking the woods squirrel hunting? Heck the public land where I hunt has a creek running thru it that holds ducks. Those guys roaming the woods does nothing to change the way the deer move? Nice you want to blame it on the kids.

    Oh and as for why someone would remove a deer from the hunting area before dressing it, I dont understand this. I have pictures of deer standing right next to gut piles and not being affected by them.
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