does a bear Poop in the woods

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  1. does a bear Poop in the woods, yes and By my cabin to and and I thought one almost got me
    In 1985 I went to my cabin set on 160 acres in the western U.P Of Michigan in Ontonagon county.
    This is a fairly wild area with a lot of land that has no houses for miles, just perfect for Bear hunting. I had just retired and was going to try my hand at Bear hunting. I had been there for about a week and baiting bears with out much luck. On many occasions I have seen bear in the area. I mowed the Grass around the cabin as it was about 2 feet tall with ferns thrown in, when some thing steps on a fern it is fragile and stays bent or broken down, I noticed a trail like a man would make not to far from the out house leading to the heavy brush and woods that started just past the out house, I followed it for a few yards and saw that a bear had pooped about 100 feet from the cabin, It was no telling how old it was, could have been a day or a week old. any way after a week or so I had some potatoes and carrots that went bad and I thought I would cut them up and throw them out by the cabin so at night I could watch the deer feed on them like I did in deer season. A couple of days went by and I didn't see any deer so I had some apples that I was using for bear bait and I went out back near dusk and was cutting up the apples and throwing the pieces in a small circle in the heavy grass just off the area I mowed around the cabin, as I cut and tossed the apples I was thinking I hope a Bear doesn't find them and I happen to go to the out house and run into one, I am thinking maybe this isn't such a good Idea after all trying to bait the deer and a bear finds it first, I got Bear on my mind now and just about the time I thought about running into a bear while going to the out house at night There was a loud rustling of some thing moving fast thru the high grass around me, it took me a couple of seconds to figure out which way the sound was coming from, I turned just in time to see a coal black blur about 6 feet from me and coming fast parting the high grass and ferns, I dropped the apple I was cutting up and I drew the hunting knife in the air ready to stab that black blur as soon as he was on me, My heart went from 80 beats a minute to 300 in One second, It was on me and I was just about to plunge the knife in the neck or head area when I saw It was black, but it was a large black Lab that was glad to see me, talking about relief washing over me, Now I wouldn't be on the ground fighting for my life, now I had to just fend off the licking. Turns out from his collar he lived about 3 miles away. I was in a lot of Bad situations in my work as a cop, never had I been even remotely that scared, no ten situations in police work would add up to that scare. I wouldn't tell people this story for years , to embarrassed .
    Steve Ypsi
  2. Great read as usual Steve, but did you have to check your shorts after the attack....:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    btw- I think i would of died right there..

  3. I was in gunfights and high speed car chase's , riots etc and my heart beat would go up 10 beats or so but that big black lad running thru those high ferns scared the liveing daylights out of me, I bet my heart beat was 160 or more from the normal 80