Dog behavior issues (somewhat long post)

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  1. Hi yall. I got a question that I am hoping someone with a little more experience with dogs will be able to help me out with. Heres a little bit of the back story so you know where i am comming from. My wife had our Lab before we met, and she had already had him trained for birds. Well, shortly after we moved in together she found this cat outside the appartment on the window ledge. She brings the thing in and decides to keep it. She already has 2 more so whats a third right? Well, about the week later the cat goes into heat and procedes to leave blood all over the house one day when we are at work. Our lab is unfixed, and he was going nuts in his crate from the smell when we got home. Since then (2 years and change about) he has, for lack of a better term, gotten stupider and stupider. He shows no interest in birds anymore unless he is tied out for a day or 2 away from that stupid cat, and even then he wont listen to verbal comands and resists the e-collar. Im sure some of the loss in discipline is related to the fact that we cant work him as much any more (down to 3 times a week), but that doesnt account for the complete lack of any sort of common sense when he is in the house around that da** cat. Right now the only thing we can think to do (besides move again and get a house where he can be outside all day) is to get him fixed and hope that helps the situation. If anyone has any thoughts on how to un-stupid him I would be greatful.
  2. Well I can relate. I spent a big part of my life chasing pu$$y also :lol: Sorry I just had to !!

    What type of bird work to you do with him ? What are the main things you train for and how do you do it?

    Also, I would have him and the cat fixed ASAP.


  3. For training, all i can do with any sort of frequency is work on retrieving with a dummy. any more than that and the land lady comes over and screams at my wife (after i go to work) about how our "viscious dog" was out running around. (no joke) I try to get him out and work on finding scented dummies in the log grass when I can, but thats limited to every couple weeks for a few hours. Mostly we just train with phesant scent, but we are planning on starting out on grouse this spring. Im pretty new to the hunting dog thing so i aint got a lot of experience training em, but i do what i can when i can.

    His [email protected] are gonna be on the chopping block as soon as we get the vet fee saved up, as for the cat, she was done the month after the first incident.
  4. Not be little you but let me give you a few thoughts that might help.

    First, if I were you I would really work hard on finding places to let your dog run off leash at least 3-4 times a week. These dogs need lots of free run and you will see alot of change in your dog after a few of these.

    Second, I would not use liquid scent. Those scents aren't all that good for a dog and training. Live birds pigeons, quail, or chuckars are the best. Not cheap, but WELL worth the money.

    Last, may I suggest you look into the Navhda system to help you train your dog. There are lots of chapters in Wisconsin and they do a great job of helping you learn how to train your dog. All they ask that you put in the effort.
    You can see the Navhda web page on the home site.

    Just a few thoughts for you.

  5. I appreciate the thoughts on all fronts. I do know that the little bit of training that I am doing is both insufficent and poorly utilized. If all goes as planned we will hopefully be out of the trailer park and onto a few acres out of town before July. After that move is done, I will be able to get him out and work him more without having to dedicate the whole day just to packing the whole family up to go work the dog for a while before work. Im gonna have to read up on using live birds for training. Ive herd of doing it but, never actually done it before.

    Also, thanks for pointin me in the direction of NAVHDA. From what I am reading on the sites i can get to through the web filter here at work, it looks like a lot of good information.
  6. Let me add an important saying that I heard many years ago and I repeat it often.

    " You need birds to make a bird dog".

    There are lots of books on dog training at the public libraries. Also, the Navhda training days are free to go and watch. If you decide to join they are very cheap.

    You can catch your own pigeons and make your own foot traps. Alot can be done with out alot of expense if you have the desire to make a good dog.

    Just my $ .02 worth