Doing any good yet?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by Steve, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Steve

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    Has anybody had any good catches yet? Post some picture so we can all see!
  2. Should be able to get out on the ice soon...

    I love ice fishing, specially for whitefish and lake trout, just never have the time...

  3. Blue Gills

    Caught a limit of nice gills on Lake Wausau last Thursday in 3 hours. Put back twice as many as I kept. It was a blast.
  4. Have not found slabs yet. Suspect that they are in deeper water, suspended. The vex will spot en. Will try next week in about 20' and expect the slabs to be at 10' to 15'. Will let you know.
  5. Went out Friday with my sons. Small lake near Wild Rose. Caught gills, perch and 1 large mouth bass. Gills and perch were small. It was a great time just spending time on the ice with my boys.
  6. Steve

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    Still got some good ice?
  7. No problem with the ice. Warm weather and the rain has a slush layer of about 3" on most ice. Makes for a mess and water above the hole. Drive on frozen tracks only or use chains. I only follow, don't make new tracks. Will be out on Du Bay this week.
  8. Steve

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    Be safe out there.
  9. Went back out on Bago last Sat. skunked again. Time to change lakes.
  10. Caught a half doz nice slabs on Half Moon lake outside of Mosinee today in 10fow. some suspended at 5fow. Ice is 2.5'. I know that I am somehow breaking the manlaw that you don't post good fishing spots. As I see it, I love to fish, I don't always have the time to do a lot of looking. Good people have helped put me on fish. If I can help someone else enjoy the adventure I feel good. There are a lot of fish. I wish everyone good luck and tight lines. I'll let you know how I do the next time out.
  11. Steve

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    By no means are you breaking any kind of "manlaw" by not posting your spots. You worked hard to find them. Pictures and general reports are always enjoyed by others.
  12. Was out on Shawano Lake yesterday off Sunset Grill. Caught lots of small gills in 10fow. About a doz 7"+. Also caught 3 small northerns and 1, 17" largemouth bass on tip ups. The northerns and bass went back into the lake with the small gills. Larger gills sure tasted good. Hope to try for some eyes soon. Will be on Bay Du Noc Feb.13 & 14.
  13. Skunked again. Went hunting eyes on the Wis River below Rothschild. Fished from 2 to 6:30 hoping for a late afternoon or after dark bite. Nothing! Havn't caught an eye yet this year. Must be jinked. Great just to be out.:smile-mad:
  14. Me again. Better report. A doz nice gills and 1 small eye on the WI river below Rothschild, 20fow, dead on the bottom.:bouncy: