Doing any good yet?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by Steve, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I'll take a doz nice gills any day.
  2. They are soooo gooooood fresh from the cold water.:bouncy:

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    Been a little over a week since I was last out but the Whitefish bite out on Green Bay has been a real riot. Still good ice and access up into Door county. Word is perch and eyes are hitting as well 35 to 45 FOW.
  4. Made a trip to Bay De Noc this past weekend. Marked and saw lots of fish, but the fish had a case of lockjaw. We did ice 4 fish; 2, 24" females, 1, 25" male (yup that is a big male). The haug of the trip was a 30", 12# wall hanger. If I do this right there should be pic below.

    24" female

    30", 12# Wall hanger:bouncy:
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    Wow that is a wall hanger.
  6. Was out on Shawano Lake last Sat. Caught a few nice gills and bunches of TINY gills. 3 flags but no hook ups. Several times the vex just lit up, heavy echos from 2' under the ice to the bottom. Nothing would bite and the echos would go away and come back again later. I wonder what this is, bait fish?? who knows.:confused:
  7. Fishing has been good up north. Getting lots of good perch mostly. Some gill, and crappies if you are fishing for them. Walleyes have been decent as well just before dark. Northerns, well they are northerns. Always seem to hit, and not many locals chase them on purpose.

    Forgot the ice conditions. Can you say 3ft. Yep, most lakes have as much as 3ft on them. Hit a few spots with only 30". No slush to speak off, but the surface is pretty rough after the thaw.

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    Sounds like you got more than enough ice to deal with.
  9. That's an understament there Steve. Still making more every day. Today marked our 50th day of subzero temps.

    Fishing still remains good. Covering water as always is the best overall tactic. Will get a few fish in one hole than it's on to the next. Get's to be a pain drilling with this much ice.
  10. I hate to say it but I am hanging it up for this winter. Ice in the area is going bad fast. I am going south for 10 days. A little salt water action. When I get back the Wis. river should be ready for the long poles and spring eyes. It was a good winter on the ice. As usual I hope to spend more time at it next winter. Thats always the plan. For everyone still going out be very carefull. They pulled 2 out of DuBay yesterday.
  11. I was out on the ice the other day (vilas county) and they were still driving out on the lake. Fresh holes showed 2' of ice yet.
  12. Just got in not long ago from another good morning of perch fishing. Perch, Crappie, Cisco, and Whitefish have all been hitting well. Gills have been a lot slower, but still getting a few.

    Most of our fish are coming on Chena, plastics, or waxies over deep water. 20-60ft. Almost all of the fish have been suspended to some degree. Anywhere from 5ft of the bottom to better than halfway up. Jigging raps, and pimples have been our top baits. In some cases we are adding a dropper line with small jig.

    Ice on most of the lakes in southern Vilas county is still as thick as 3ft. Did find one lake with only 21". Travel on the ice has been good, but sliperry and a bit rough. With the continued warm temps coming would expect to see the fishing get a whole lot better. Ice should stay good even with the warms temps unless we get a bunch of rain.

    See you out there.

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    Wow 3 ft of ice! You guys will still be on the hard water for quite a while.
  14. Even with the warm weather of late there is still a good 2ft of ice on a lot of lakes. Ice is starting to get more crystal like so not as strong. A few guys still driving out.

    Perch fishing has really been taking off. Nice catches of them coming from a lot of the area lakes. Crappies have kind of slowed up as they have moved alot. So finding them again has had results down. Gills are doing a little better, but not that great just yet.

    Perch are the way to go right now for action, and a good meal.

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    Man I could go for some good perch fishing!