Douglas or Bayfield???

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  1. I drive through both counties on my way to an out of state rifle hunt I do every year. I'm thinking about bowhunting one of these counties next year, but don't which one I should look at. I'm planning on walking some areas in late October this year.

    I'm not sure I like the looks of the woods in some areas I'm seeing via Google Earth....I won't let the secret out on which is looking like it's more up my alley though.

    If I do hunt N. WI, it would be for mature bucks only. I'd stay right where I'm at if all I wanted was a 1 1/2 year old buck.

    I have done a ton of online research and it looks like most hunters are complaining about the northern herds now. I'm not sure how to take it, since I've been in that position and listened to guys complain about there being no deer/bucks when actually it was the best year I was ever having.

    Anybody have an opinion on where I should start? PM's would be appreciated instead of causing undue pressure in certain areas.

    Douglas vs. Bayfield? Dominate Hardwoods vs. Dominant Conifers? Bigger bucks vs. Smaller Bucks? How's the baiting issue in October?
  2. Both Douglas and Bayfield have Big Bucks. You have to do your homework. Big woods bucks are very hard to pattern. If you can find a oak ridge with a good acorn crop it would be a good start. I was up in both Bayfield and Douglas County for almost a month helping a Bear Guide out and only saw 1 good buck. I did get a few tips from some of the bear hunters that saw some really good bucks while bear hunting.:smile:

  3. Thanks TT,

    Is Douglas mostly conifers and swamp land?

    Would you hunt N or S of US-2 in Bayfield?

    PM me please so we don't divulge all kinds of info together.
  4. Sent you a PM