dove hunting?

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  1. How did everybody do on doves this year?? Rapidly becoming one of my favorite hunting sports, but this year was not a good year. It just didn't seem like there was any hatch at all...we had the worst opening day we've ever had, and since then, not much better.

    Anyhow, has anyone done anything? Do you think there was any kind of hatch at all?

    Now we're not finding any little grouse. Just singles that are really, really, wary. I've heard that the UP is WAAAAAYYY down on grouse, that all the birds are singles probably left over from last year.
  2. I am finding a lot of grouse in NW WI. Woods are still Very thick, mostly I've shot a lot of leaves and branches, but I am averaging about ten flushes per hour, mostly singles.

  3. awesome

    We're finding about one or two an hour...all singles, too, and they're wild...big, but very wary birds. Last year's birds, I'm sure.
  4. I am finding a few coveys but they are small, normally 2 - 4 birds. I don't really think that it is last years birds that I am seeing for the most part, I think that the coveys have broken up early for some reason this year. Some of the birds are smart, they flush early, and fly a long ways. But well over half hold pretty tight and only fly a short distance. I do know that I am flushing more birds this year than last year however.
  5. i have property in ontonagon, and the grouse have been unbelievable. coveys of 8 has not been uncommon this year. I have been bear hunting so i have not broke out the shotgun yet. my buddy the next 80 over has 5 that are his "pets". come right up to the deck and his daughter feeds them.
  6. plenty of Doves in Ohio ,,just have to hit them,,I do good to get 15 out of a box of shells ..