Dr said I need to exercise so I bought me a machine PIC

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  1. I had to see a doctor, Can't swim any more, and exercise YUK PIc
    I got sick one morning and had to throw up in the commode, when I got off my knee's to stand the room upside down, legs were wobbly where I could barley stand, I stumbled into the liveing room and fell on the couch. that stopped the crazy spiraling. I thought it might be a heart attack. First thing I thought, massive Heart Attack and if Doc or Monte don't come over in 2 or 3 Days Putty will starve to death, I called a Neighbor and he was home to make sure if I was gone to make sure putty was taken care of.
    It was either menards disease or a inner ear infection I believe we figured out from the Net and Doc and others said, Doctor was no help, she didn't have a clue, she just wanted to talk about getting a test in the next months, Roto Rooter up you no where, No thanks..
    still a little swaying after 6 weeks.
    Just now able to type after 5 or 6 weeks as I could not focus or coordinate my hands and eyes.
    Now for the doctors visit
    Young lady took my blood pressure which was fine, then she weighed me.
    I was 295, I said the scale can't be right, check me again, same 295, now the bad news, I told her I will never be able to swim again, she asked why because I am so old, I said no because some one is likely to mistake me for a whale and harpoon my Butt.
    She got a Laugh out of that
    I Said whats so Funny about That, Could happen.. She Had to tell the rest of the office what I said.
    DR also said I needed to Exercise,
    I would rather fight 3 bears with my bare hands than (throw Up at the word Exercise)
    So I thought about it and my off Balance problem is a lot less now, I don't walk like a stumbling drunk.
    I thought and thought, what Exercise machine could I get that I might want to use
    I thought about it for 3 or 4 weeks, Thread mill, Nope Boring, Stationary Bike, same Boring..
    Walking, Super boring
    Then it dawned on me, I had a machine when I was 50 that I liked to use and I sold, I am now 66 years old .
    I went to Grand Rapids yesterday to pick it up
    Heres a photo of the New Exercise Machine, this will be A fun way to exercise
    and I can do it in my back yard and from past experience it will get me in shape and besides she didn't say what Kind of machine I needed
    See the below photos