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    I'm considering a long weekend trip to the Wiscy Driftless area this year. I've never fished there before, or even paused there. I would likely be fishing with my 12 year-old son.

    In Michigan I especially like to fish small to medium-sized streams for large resident Browns by wading steadily upstream with spinners, stickbaits, or dry flies. I'd like to try the same there. Most days I release them all, although I've slapped the occasional fresh trout into the frying pan.

    If I waited until after the 4th of July, would I have a reasonable chance to catch decent trout there on daytime terrestrials and/or nighttime wakers? I'm sure the big trout opportunities are more consistant before that, but my son's schedule and our busy hex fishing schedule on my home water probably will interfere.

    Looking at the pictures I've seen, it looks like the streams there might be flashy and prone to high turbidity after a good rain? If so, I assume trip timing may be important to avoid fishing in chocolate milk.

    Any info would be appreciated; trip timing, riparian law regarding wading, cheap but well located motels, best map book to own, useful guidebooks, etc. Some stream info is ok too, if you're feeling generous and want to send me a PM.

    I realize I'm new to this site, but I've been on the Michigan-Sportsman.com site for many years (e.g. I may be a freeloader trying to sponge free info, but at least I'm a freeloader with a track record:wink::lol:).


  2. Yes on both accounts. These streams have big time springs and maintain pretty good temps in comparison to most Michigan streams. It's always wise to take a temp reading but more than likely you will be fine.

    Just like anywhere, some are more prone to turbidity than others. Many of these streams run much clearer than most of the ones your probably use to. So it would take a significant amount of rain to blow then all out. You may have to drive to a couple rivers but you'll find fishable water close by. But you probably won't have to worry at all.

    As far as where to go specificly, if you want to PM me the area's you were looking at, we'll see if we can give you a few ideas.