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  1. Hey looking to get into duck hunting. Ive hunted deer, small game and pheasant. Please give me some tips.
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    Hi, Browning42

    I will tell you some things I like to do but your the one that has find what works for you. EVER person's way is the best and is the way you should hunt (NOT) . Ok now the tips. Finding where to hunt if you don't already have land to hunt on the DNR has on it's website all of the public land but they can be busy. I hunt ducks two ways, one way is that I rent a blind right out side of the Horicon Marsh and I have a duck call and I call and shoot ducks as fly bye. The second way I hunt ducks is by wearing hunting waiters and taking MY dog to hunt creeks that I know have ducks around the area. I know there are ducks there by scouting the area a couple of times. now people will read this and tell you other ways to hunt ducks and that is find. This is what works for me so find what works for you. OH bye the way I shoot a #2 steel for ducks. remember that if you are near water you have to use steel.

    Good luck feel free to ask me anything.


  3. Learning to hunt waterfowl can be accomplished in many ways. Use the internet to watch youtube videos, read articles from online forums. Join a sportsmans club that has a number of duckhunters and talk with them. Your questions should be how to not where do you hunt. (Example) how many decoys do you use, how far do you set them from where you are sitting. Are morning hunts better than evening hunts. Pay for a guided hunt and learn what they do to be successful. In answer to the other poster you must use non toxic shot for any waterfowl hunting anywhere in the country not just near water.
  4. Remtec, when you say that you hunt creeks. Do you set up decoys and a blind or do you just walk right down the creek with your waders?
  5. Browning42 I have done it both ways but if you don't have the money for decoys taking ur dog with waders on through creeks will work. I tend to hunt with waders alot