EAB requirements and the prevention of CWD

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  1. EAB requirements will continue in the CWD zones yet many hunters have already qualified last year for their buck sticker. The requirements for the buck sticker will remain the same in these zones. Testing, however, for CWD will be reduced this year. Read more at http://www.madison.com/wsj/home/sports/outdoors/456145
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    Keeping EAB in the CWD zones is probably a good idea.

  3. Make the deer license legal for a doe only and make us apply for the buck tag state wide. Prefference points and a extra point a year if you harvest the doe the year before in the same unit. Same game just worded differently
  4. I like that idea. It sounds similar to the turkey license application process. With all the buzz on management, I would think that hunters would embrace the idea of hunting the does and growing the bucks more.

    I hunt in the CWD zone and while scouting near our hunting land, our numbers were pretty close to 3:1, does to bucks. Previous years were closer to 5:1 and 6:1. Hunter numbers around me have not changed since EAB because most are happy to take their doe for good eating. Harvesting a doe removes her from the bredding herd, less fawns produced. However, harvesting a buck does not change the breeding herd, does will just be serviced by a different brute.

    CWD and EAB, I believe, have helped deer populations in my area over the last 6 years so I have every reason to support it. I have seen incredible bucks this summer. I can only atribute that to less bucks being taken these last few years because of EAB. I got my buck tag from harvesting my doe this last weekend, I only hope I get the chance to see those bruisers up close. :mischeif: :biggrin: