early season food plots

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by suttert, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. hey guys im new on the forum but i have an important question. i live in dane county and im looking for a early season archery spot on my farm. the area of the field is probably 1/8 acre, and only gets 4 or so hours of sunlight. im looking for something that grows quick, and is a great attractant for early bow hunting. any ideas, ie biologic, ect?
  2. Get a mix of Rye, Oats, Wheat and Austrian Winter peas. Plant it on Labor Day Weekend. The deer will be on it as soon as it sprouts and will hit it until the snow gets too deep.

  3. thanks man, he is that a trail pic of yours. that bucks looks a lot like the one i shot this year in my pic
  4. Yes it is. Been chasing him for a few years The neighbors got him during the Muzzleloader season this past season.
  5. what did he score? the one in my pic is a ten that scored 156.
  6. They said that he green scored 164 Gross. He was an 8 with a kicker on both G2s
  7. damn, so going back to my actual question, do buy those plants generically or do you go though some manufacter such as biologic, ect?