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    Guys, I live in Michigan and am a regular in Steve's Michigan-Sportsman.com site. Talk of Earn-A-Buck comes up from time to time. Can you give me an idea as to how the system works in WI?

    How far above WDNR population goals does a management unit have to be before EAB is implemented?

    How does one "bank" a doe for the following year (if that is possible)?

    How does one check in their doe?

    Any and all details would be welcome.

    Is there a WDNR URL where more info is available?
  2. here is some info off the top of my head....

    if you shoot a doe you get a buck sticker that makes your buck tag useable. You are able to bring register a doe and a buck at the sametime. You can bank an EAB sticker by shooting a doe this year and not shooting a buck so you will still have a EAB sticker for a buck that you can use for next season. OR you can shoot 2 does and then shoot a buck this year and use 1 sticker for that buck and will still have a buck sticker for next year. I hope this makes some sense. any other questions just ask away.

  3. If a unit is above goal and in Herd Reduction for 2 straight years the folowing year the unit can be put into Earn-a-Buck
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    I could only wish for such a thing in MI.
  5. We can only pray for this Steve !
  6. EAB could be a great tool if used correctly... In Wisconsin it has a couple flaws. The 1st flaw is antlerless bucks can be shot to earn a buck tag. In alot of the EAB units 20 to 40% of the antlerless deer shot to earn the buck tag are button bucks, along with some spikes that are too short to be a legal buck. The season goes into early January and some bucks are shot each year that have shed there antlers already... I am not saying someone should get in trouble for making a mistake. But I don't think they should earn a buck sticker for shooting a buck.
    Another problem is that there are no age restrictions. Kids and 1st time hunters fall under the same rules. Its hard enough for a kid to arrow his 1st deer ever, now make him pass on all bucks untill they finally get a doe.... Thats a good way to make kids not want to hunt. There should be an age like 18 and up, that requiers EAB. Sure, there may be a few people who use this to cheat, but they will cheat anyway.
    The last problem I am going to mention is that some hunters can only eat so much meat. Alot of guys around here have been shooting tiny fawns to get there coveted buck tag... But wouldn't think of taking it home and showing the family what they did. Our ditches and dead end roads are piled up with such deer just tossed out like the trash ever since they started EAB.
    They even condoned it in the CWD areas when they 1st started it... They provided dumpsters at the registration stations to toss your unwanted deer into. Finally thru public outcry the dumpsters were removed.
  7. In the case of EAB, watch out what you wish for !!!! It has it's good points and it has more bad points. The one thing that it does is turn alot of people into violators. I hear more complaints about it than good things from hunters. If you wish to watch some nice bucks away from you. Then implement EAB, and start to pull your hair out of your head in frustration !!!!!! The state of WI has some of the most complicated hunting rules you will ever encounter.
  8. As I see it

    EAB is only part of the problem, Wisconsin from my perspective is behind the times and not all of it is the WDNR fault. Deer hunting factions want to protect their type of hunting and are able to block changes. Also deer are not spread equal throughout the state so filling a EAB tag can be difficult. Access to private land is difficult and leases are the norm in prime deer areas. I don't blame landowners for restricting access as there are plenty of hunters with no ethics or respect for land or game animals. This is just my opinion but here are some changes I would like to see.

    1. 16 day firearms season opening on a Saturday
    2. 10 day muzzleloader season and allow any type of scope
    3. 15 day late anterless season in areas where more deer need to be harvested. December or January if needed.
    4. Eliminate the use of back tag (not need anymore)
    5. Reduce the amount of hunter orange required or at the very least the requirement that if a hat is worn 50% must be orange.
    6. Instead of using sharpshooters in urban areas allow hunting, charge extra for these tags to set up program for this.
  9. MSU You almost had me agreeing with you till you wanted to turn the whole fall into a gun season... 16 day gun, 10 day muzzle loader? Your nuts. How about 3 Day gun, and 3 day muzzle loader. The DNR needs to stop limeting the bow hunters and giving our whole season to the Guns.
    They have gun season just before rut in the CWD areas, and then have a gun season that lasted 3 weeks. They have totally destroyed a great public marsh where I live and hunt. Most of the bowhunters around here started hunting out of state.
  10. Not trying

    To pick a fight but bowhunters have 60 days before gun season. I would get rid of the early gun season. Other states have late gun antlerless seasons and bowhunting and they co-exist. Unfortunately the WDNR is telling us we aren't killing enough deer. Based on what I saw hunting this season I don't agree, but on a drive from Milwaukee to Fond du Lac 2 weeks ago I counted 11 road kills. I would hate to see other groups like insurance companies start dictating deer harvests like they have tried in Michigan. We need more cooperation from all groups if we hope to move forward.
  11. I read somewhere yesterday that WI's gun season may start as ealy as mid-October next year! Hmmmmmmm......

    Not kidding!
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    any proof on this yet? I am already starting to plan my vacation for gun opener next year...
  13. UP I think what you are referring to is an early doe hunt in October. For the last 2 years they had a moratorium on this hunt to see if enough does could be shot without this hunt. I think if I remember right hunters had to shoot 2 does for every 1 buck for this season to go away and if that didn't happen then the early doe season would return. The regular gun season will remain 9 days starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving.