Elhew bred pointer to a good home

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  1. Hello Wisconsin!

    A forever home is needed for an Elhew bred seven year-old gun dog. Rock does not fit the standard to be a field trial dog, but he will find grouse and woodcock for the average hunter.

    He interacts really well in the kennel yard with all the dogs including the stud dogs and is very gentle and loves people.

    Rock will be neutered prior to going to a new home, but it will only be the RIGHT home.

    Call me at 906-228-2280 or Bob Ross at 906-371-6924 for more info on this opportunity to own a brag dog.
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  2. Weren't you were supposed to be the home? You had him for 7 years, and it took that long to figure out poor Rock doesn't have what you or the FT people want? Then on top of it you are going to neuter the dog, because it what? It doesn't meet up to some arbitrary field trial standard?:tsk: The world needs more real gundogs, good old fashion meat dogs, that do what hunters need........ not those field trial run offs that only point birds, but are not interested in the important after the shot work of retrieving, tracking of cripples, or water work..:coco:
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