Escape To Grant County Wisconsin

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    Escape To Grant County

    Grant County has over 40 trout streams within it's boundaries and over 100 miles of trout water is located within a fifteen mile radius of Fennimore. A description of some of the more popular streams is as follows:

    Big Green River - Open banks and excellent trout numbers have made the Big Green River one of the most popular streams in Wisconsin. Located northwest of Fennimore along Green River Road and County Highway K, the Big Green is a Class One trout stream, with a self-sustaining population of brown trout. The Big Green has a Category Five Catch and release portion between County Highway "T" and State Highway 133. Even though the whole stream has potential for big trout, this area is known to hold some real tackle busters. That portion of the stream upstream from County Highway "T" has a harvest slot of 10-13 inches. Some excellent insect hatches occur year-round on the stream , making it a favorite of fly fishers. Persons interested in using live bait should try the upstream portion around the village of Werley. The DNR maintains a public fishing easement on most of the stream from upstream of Spring Valley Road downstream to Highway 133. The only portion without an easement lies north of the County Highway T bridge downstream about ¼ mile. Permission would be needed from the landowner before fishing from the banks of this portion of the stream.
    Big Spring and Six Mile Creeks - Two smaller streams, Big Spring and Six-mile make up for their lack of size with good numbers of trout and scenic beauty. The Big Spring creek is aptly named as a large spring tumbles some 40 feet out of a cistern and into the main stream on public fishing lands located off of Big Spring Road, about 2 miles west of Highland off of County Highway Q. The Big Spring Creek holds some brook trout as well as rainbow and browns and is a Category 5, catch-and-release, artificial lure only stream from Pine Tree Road upstream. Recent habitat work on this stream by the Dept. of Natural Resources and Trout Unlimited should really enhance the fishery in this stream. Six-mile Creek, from Pine Tree Road downstream has a 12-inch minimum size limit and the daily bag limit is 2 fish.
    Blue River - The Blue River, located north of Montfort between Blue River Road and Biba Road is one of the most scenic trout streams in America. The limestone bluffs, topped by ancient, majestic red and white pine stands, rival even the famed Yellowstone National Park streams for sheer beauty. The fishing on this stream is worth the trip as well. A category 5, catch-and-release, artificial lure only area located from Snow Bottom Road upstream to the headwaters, holds some huge brown and rainbow trout. The land areas adjacent to the banks are quite open making fly-fishing quite easy. Excellent numbers of fish are also found on downstream of the fish-for-fun area as well. The remaining portion of the Blue River has a 12-inch minimum size limit on trout with a daily possession limit of 2 fish. The Department of Natural Resources holds easements on those portions of the stream between County Highway I and Blue River Road and downstream from Bluff Road past Snow Bottom Road. Easements are also found downstream from the Bowers Road bridge. Much of these banks aren't pastured, making fishing somewhat more difficult as the season progresses and streamside vegetation gets taller. However, a fly-fisher willing to tie on a grasshopper imitation later on in the summer, will probably do very well.

    Borah Creek - (Includes Rogers Branch and the Grant River) Borah Creek is located about 2 miles north and west of Lancaster along County Highway K. Borah Creek joins with Rogers Branch Creek to become the Grant River. Public easements on these streams are located on either side of both the bridges on Borah Road as well as the Bluff Road bridge. Another portion of easement land lies south of Quarry Road on the Grant River. This stream complex offers a large variety of different fishing opportunities from open field areas to wooded portions along bluff bases. This stream along with the Little Grant River receives a liberal stocking of trout each Spring from the Lancaster Sportsmen's Club cooperative rearing pond. Category 5 catch-and-release regulations apply to those portions of the stream downstream from the County Highway K bridge on the Grant River to the County Highway A bridge. Thee regulations on Rogers Branch and Borah Creek above County Highway K is the standard 3 fish a day with a minimum size limit of 9 inches.
    Castle Rock Creek - One of the first streams in Wisconsin to have catch and release regulations, Castle Rock Creek continues to be a popular fishing area. Castle Rock Creek is located about 8 miles northeast of Fennimore on County Highway Q. A large forage base produces trophy fish, trout over 30 inches have been caught and recorded in fish population surveys. Over the past couple of years, Castle Rock has been plagued by a suspended siltation problem, but this is being rectified through the joint efforts of concerned citizens, landowners and government agencies. Especially during the early fish for fun season, Castle Rock continues to be one of the most heavily fished streams in the state. The area of the stream from Church Road downstream to the second bridge on County Highway Q is catch-and-release, artificial lure only and has excellent fly-fishing opportunities. Open, pastured banks, riffles, and deep pools also offer the lure fisher a wide variety of fishing challenges. An ultra-clear spring enters the creek about ¼ mile downstream from Church Road and the spring itself offers a unique challenge to fishers as the fish that inhabit the spring are especially wary. The area downstream of the fish-for-fun area also has some excellent fishing waters and has a 12-inch size limit with a daily bag limit of two fish. A private campground, located on the stream at the base of Castle Rock, offers primitive camping for the fisher who wants more than a day trip. The DNR has easements on the stream from just upstream of Church Road on down to the new bridge by the village of Castle Rock.

    Crooked Creek - Brown trout from Crooked Creek has been utilized to establish self-sustaining populations in streams throughout Southern Wisconsin. Needless to say, Crooked Creek trout are all wild trout, so no stocking is necessary. Crooked Creek is located about 7 miles north of Fennimore along U.S. Highway 61. Public access is found on both sides of the Highway 61 bridge, downstream from Town Hall Road and south and west of Boscobel along State Highway 133. As Crooked Creek is an exceptionally clear stream, it can be a real challenge to fish. Both live bait and artificial lures are allowed and trout caught out of Crooked Creek can be kept as long as the are between 10 and 13 inches. Fly-fishers have good success with a variety of nymph patterns as well as caddis, mosquito, mayfly and midge imitations.
    Doc Smith Branch - Doc Smith Branch flows into Castle Rock Creek in the Catch-and Release portion of Castle Rock. The portion of Doc Smith from ½ mile upstream of Everson Road and downstream to the junction with Castle Rock is also a catch-and-release, artificial lure only area. Upstream from this area, anglers can keep 3 trout a day with a minimum size limit of 9 inches. Most of the Doc Smith has open banks making it another favorite of fly-fishers. Especially in the spring of the year, some real nice trout are found in this stream. Recent work by the Department of Natural Resources has created better habitat and structure in the fish-for-fun portion. Easements are held from the confluence upstream to about ½ mile south of Everson Road.
    Little Grant River - The Little Grant River is located about 15 miles southwest of Fennimore. Easements are held on the stream from Milner Road downstream to Govier Road. The stream receives relatively little pressure and has the potential to produce some nice trout. All of that portion of the Little Grant River between Milner Road and Govier Road has category 5 catch and release, artificial lure only regulation. The Little Grant also receives a supplemental stocking of brown trout from the Lancaster Sportsmen's Club. Like other streams, in the area, pastured banks make fly fishing a pleasure.

    Little Green River - The Little Green River is located about 15 miles northwest of Fennimore and is a Class 1 trout stream. While most of the stream is privately owned, the DNR maintains a public fishing area along State Highway 133 near the Mt. Hope Conservation Area. Anglers can keep three trout a day and trout must be at least 9 inches long. Permission from adjacent landowners is needed to fish most portions of the stream.
    Millville Creek - Millville Creek is located about 20 miles northwest of Fennimore along County Highway C and Millville Hollow Road. Millville Creek has a variety of fishing opportunities with pastured banks as well as wooded sections of the stream. Some natural reproduction occurs in the stream and it receives very little pressure. The regulations allow for a harvest of trout over 12 inches and a daily bag limit of two fish. The DNR has easements from the confluence with the Wisconsin River upstream about 3 miles.
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    Sounds like a great place to fish. Maybe the tourism department of that county would do well with an ad on our sister sites promoting the area.