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  1. I know there have been a lot of posts of bear pics here lately, and I may be the only one who has the itch, buuuutt, there is only 47 more days to the grouse opener, on the 18th!!:bouncy: I haven't made any solid plans to go anywhere for that weekend just yet but it is my only guaranteed saturday off in september, so I can't wait to go out and put the pup on some birds and maybe just maybe get a chance to shoot and be made a fool of in the heavy leaf cover. 47 and counting :smile:.
  2. You're not the only one counting days till the 18th.:wink: I've been running the dog just about everyday and crossing the days off my calendar.

  3. It may be hard to see in the woods, but all of the young and dumb birds sure help to even things out. Now if I could just teach my Labs to not bite me in the butt every time I miss.......
  4. Just thought I would let everyone know it's 44 days now!!:bouncy:
  5. Wow this is wonderful! there are only two other people on this site that bird hunt :wink:, and there are only 41 days left before the grouse opener. All that state land available and only two other people to plit it with :lol:, sounds like the odds are in my favor for finding birds that aren't pressured!!
  6. hey

    uplandnut, the rest of us are out running our dogs in the cover and conditioning like hell rather than posting stupid messages to anyone that will listen.
  7. Steve

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    Sounds like you two will have run of the woods :)
  8. Sorry to piss you off Iking, the dogs get exercised every day though, not that hard to type up a post, to try to start a friendly conversation with some people who have the same interests. Good luck to all in whatever you hunt!
  9. Spending a few days at our place in the northland and getting a chance to walk the woods this week.

    You won't be the only one out there, but no worries, Im a few hours north of ya.

    I'm pumped!
  10. justjosh how far north are you? I'm thinking of going up to iron river to stay at a friends cabin for the weekend. Planning on making it a cast and blast weekend as I'm sure it's going to be warm. Just can't wait :bouncy:.
  11. I'm on Lake Namekagon , about 10 miles from Clam Lake.
    Was out today just for a drive and had a bunch of juveniles cross the road infront of us. Snapped some pics, but they are pretty poor (fumbling for the camera + not having a telephoto lens on + hanging out the window)