Fall Hunting Plans

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  1. I realize it is early, but I like to plan ahead. I also like to have something to look forward to.
    I will be headed to the northwoods around the end of September to early October. I hope to see some of the people I have made friends with over the past couple of seasons and maybe make some new ones.

    How many of you have made your fall bird hunting plans ?

    How many are excited for fall and the first day of summer hasn't even arrived yet?

    just a little something to think about in the off time.
  2. Where is up north? I live and work in the Eagle River area.

    I am waiting for fall, I'm not much of a fan of real hot weather. I'm working on plans for either a archery hunt to Missouri or a duck hunt in North Dakota. I would like to get to N.D. again before my dog gets too old.

  3. North?

    Ashland and Iron County area.
    Any where north of the Illinios border works for me. My town in Indiana has become a suburb of Chicago. I want fresh air
  4. The sportmans group United Sportsmen for an Unspoiled Wisconsin (USUW) is in the process of petitioning the Wisconsin state representatives to pass legislation that would keep all of those who reside in states below the Illinois/Wisconsin border from being eligible to hunt or fish in the Wisconsin country side. They would though be allowed to pick berries, as they will cause the least amount of trouble and environmental damage that way. But their berry picking permit will be revoked if they can't keep their cars parked far enough off the road, as not to be in everyone's way. Judging from the history of that regions tourist population it will be tough to accomplish.:evil:
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  5. Ouch

    Ya hey dere ewe sure yu din't mean Brahts, and not berries eh?
    I come fer de feesh fry on friday nights doncha kno. oh fer cripes sake.

    All kidding aside I really have come to like Wisconsin, the nature and the people both. It takes back in time to a place that even though you may not know the person people waved when they passed one another. I mean waved with their whole hand not just one finger.
    When I look to the sky over the horizon the air is clear and the sky is blue. when I look here it has an rusty haze to it and depending which way the wind blows a whole different aroma.
    The two favorite pictures of my dog are from Wisconsin. 1 from Lacrosse and the other with my first grouse( I think it was the last one in the state so no one else need bother hunting them anymore).

    I promise to park far enough off the road and I always back in so you can't see my out of state plate. Good luck to you this season maybe I will see you this fall as i am helping to support your states economy.


  6. Jeff dont' tell everyone how good it is they will all want to come up here. Why do you think we tell them we get 12 ft. of snow for 10 months of the year and the other 2 months are lobster sized "ticks":tdo12:

    Glad you enjoy your time here.

  7. changed my mind

    The Ticks are true. I also definitely over glorified the rest. There are no fall colors the leaves go from green to brown and on the ground almost overnight. Heck even the flowage by where I was last year was dried up. I mean all you really have is Brats and cheese, and I can get that at the grocery store. Oh yeah and beer too. I guess I will save the gas money and stay home.
    Everybody up there is all Packer crazed anyhow, I have to admit though I do own a Badgers hat now.
    I hope I have redeemed myself Griff lol
  8. :idea: you are worthy !!

    See you this fall :smile:
  9. Jeff, I feel your pain. My sister did her masters and phd work at Valpo and then Purdue. She lived in Valpo for several years before coming to her senses and moving back to WI. I still cringe when thinking about all the trips down there to visit her.

    I anxiously await the grouse opener. I work in the woods in the summer and right now the ticks and mosquitoes are abundant with the deer flies just making their debut.
  10. Public land

    Hello site been a member for a while now. Was wondering if any body on here hunts public land in the southeren part of the state. I am planning on hunting avon bottoms west of beloit. Has anybody hunted for upland birds there and if they have was wondering how good the area was and how many different kinds of birds there is. I was up there yesterday and worked my dog for about an hour and didnt see anything.I am also hoping to meet some people to hunt with i hunt alone most of the time. Thanks for you help
  11. Hope to get up to the Minocqua area for some grouse/woodcock hunting this Oct.

    Also, trying to put together a Kansas Christmas hunting trip.