Fall plots

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by Steve, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Steve

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    When do you guys plan on doing your fall planting? I'm planning on getting my brassicas planted in a few weeks.
  2. First week of August is my traditional time to plant, Trying brassica for first time this year, Had winter rye in it last year, Deer kept mowing it down faster than it would grow Just mowed my clover plot last weekend Looks Absolutely beautiful, Deer and bear using this clover plot a lot H H

  3. I will be planting my 2 brassica plots tomorrow [7-19 ]. 2 pounds Barkant Turnips, 3 pounds Barnapoli Rape and 5 pounds Ground Hog Radish per acre. It is a week early for me but have other commitments next weekend. I am hoping that planting 1 week early will give me 1 more week of growth.
  4. Steve

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    My plots this year look better than they ever have at this time of year. I tried brassica last year but the deer mowed it down so fast I never got any groceries under the dirt.