Federal court decision relists gray wolves in western Great Lakes region as endangere

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  1. DNR Central Office - MADISON - In response to a lawsuit brought against the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia has vacated a 2012 decision, which delisted wolves as an endangered species.

  2. I suppose next the DNR will have to close deer hunting season so there's enough deer to feed all the extra wolves. With all the bear, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, cougars the deer don't stand much chance. Then when the deer and domestic animals are gone people will be next in line on the food chain. Don't let anyone fool you it's all about MONEY whoever has the deepest pockets gets what they want and the heck with everyone else
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  3. O K take the judge out to the forested area---tie the judge to a tree , Put a few steaks and burger or road kill at the judges feet--leave them their overnight, Ask the judge what he thinks about wolves now---I know just the place H H:tdo12: