Feral Hogs in WI

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  1. Curious if anyone has any better info than the DNR website as far as hog hunting.

    My godson just recently finished hunters safety and has an itch to go shoot some bacon.

    Any information would be great.
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  3. I had been following the origination for some time, so I have read the info you posted.

    Sure nice of that fellow to bring us more critters to shoot in my opinion!

    I was just hoping to find some more first hand knowledge from anyone willing to share!

    Maybe I just need to take a drive over to Crawford county and knock on some farmers doors.
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    Sounds like they are becoming a widespread problem.
  5. I just spoke with the DNR Biologist keeping tabs on the pig population and his words were "Hunting Feral Hogs in Wisconsin is proving to be the proverbial needle in a haystack"

    It seems that the media blitz was just that. From what I am now hearing from people in the know is that the population is not as great as originally thought.
    The DNR is worried that if they begin to reproduce we will have loads, but at this point, we are not going to be taken over by them.