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Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Merimac, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Got my RBL...

    1 year 10 months
  2. O.K. wht is a "RBL"


  3. Man, I wish I liked double's. They seem to be the cats meow..
  4. what do you shoot?

    for grouse and doodles it seems like the best option....

    I would give a lot for a nice model 21. I just dont have a lot to give right now!

  5. Funny, I shot a Model 21 in 12 gauge, I hated it. What a club.
    I have shot a couple nice Fox Sterlingworth's that a friend has, (collector) and those seemed to me a lot better gun (balance-feel)
  6. Doubles are junk. :cool: They are good for paddling a canoe or hanging barbwire from. A nice 20 ga pump or auto is the ticket for the grouse and woodcock coverts.
  7. huh?

    Why? I dont understand... next what do you shoot?
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  8. 21

    I have shot a 20 Ga 21 and it seems pretty nice. I have never visited the 12 but a club? In the shooting sportsman it was rated in the 10 best shotguns ever. and the best bbl. I know its all personal but what made you hate it so much?

    I like a gun that is heavy in front and not so perfectly even. IMHO I like the barrel to pull down a little and I shoot better.
    Fox.... I was able to shoot 1...1x. very nice.
    I would buy one of those after a 21.

    What do you shoot now?

    I shoot a 12 Ithica pump. a 20 o/u skb. a 1170 12ga. and now a 20 sxs rbl.
  9. That 21 in 12ga felt like a oak 2x6. Big fat beavertail, but just felt like a big club.
    That was my first and only hands on with a Win 21. I had a Win 23 in my hands once, it too felt odd. I like the Win 101's, so I have no axe to grind on winchester.
    I also have hefted a few SKB's and Sterlingworth's that felt like pretty nice guns.
    In general though, its all about fit and feel in shotgunning. Like a pair of shoes, one size does not fit all.

  10. Enough said....
  11. Now if you mean that, then all that is left if for you to get a real dog.:cool:

  12. You know I've been looking.I don't have a dog. What kind do you suggest ??

    You are such a helpful person what a great web site!!
  13. Boy you are right there.

    I would go with a pointing lab, or maybe a close working brittany, since you probabaly like the pottering breeds that are over priced. You want a dog that works real close in the woodcock and grouse coverts, otherwise you won't get any shooting.

    Is that enough help?:)
  14. Sounds like a sweet gun..Had a Browning BSS years ago..just couldn't get used to looking down two barrels..traded it for a Citori o/u. Now, I wish I had it back.

    Did purchase a Baikal IZH 43 double barrel in a 28 gauge. So far, so good.