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  1. Any true pointing lab that's worth a dam*, will cost you as much or more than any of the versatile breeds....usually $850 or more.

    How far your pointer ranges is dictated by your training practices and the time spent with it. I've hunted under a GSP and a Viszla that were close workers when I grouse hunted near Sayner last month.

    It's also a necessity to have a break gun when training with NAVHDA.
    My Franchi is an O/U 12 gauge in 28" and weighs a hair over 6 lbs.
    It was an adjustment getting used to it, but enough time at the trap range solves alot of things.

  2. What is a pottering breed ? Like I said I have no dogs and am interested in getting information on what is out there.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. No you are not.:cool:

    It is common knowledge that those who need the aid of a dog are poor hunters.

  4. What do you mean ??

    I ask for your help and wisdom and now you don't want to give me any??

    Why ?

    How do I become a good hunter like you ??

    Please let me know how.
  5. Merimac

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    Griffman and thorton

    You cant just lob out that you have the best guns and not say what you have...

    No lies what do you shoot?
  6. I believe it is you Griffman who is the hunting guru. After all you hunt 60 plus days a year and see more birds than most see in a lifetime.

    What knowledge could I possibly share with an all knowing one such as you? I am a mere amateur to one such as you.:p

  7. I've been blinded all these years. But now with your wisdom and knowledge I have seen all my years were a waste of time.

    I'm glad you are hear to show everyone the path to the holy land of hunting. I can't wait to get educated.

    We will all benefit from you. Thanks !!
  8. Not only are you the guru, but you can't read either.:cool:

  9. Your right again...teach me the way !!
  10. I can not teach you, as you would never be in class, as you spend 60+ days afield, and see more birds in a season than most do in a lifetime. I believe you would have poor attendance, and a poor attitude as well. :(

  11. That's ok 'you still the man' !!
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    Here is my club

    Or crap/ Junk what ever the 2 love birds called it..[​IMG][/IMG]


    I Thought I would take a photo of the prettiest club I could afford.
  13. Now, that is a sweet looking sxs.
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    That is the nicest club I have seen in a while:wink::lol:
    Have you had a chance to try it out yet?