First Ice and target fish...

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by HappyHawk, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. So...when do you think you will have first ice and what fish will be your main target?

    I am shooting for December 28 on LBDN in the UP and the target will be perch and walleye!
  2. first ice fishing

    Our ice is starting to form right now,once we have Two or three nights below zero I'll be out on it .I love fishing on the fresh frozen lakes and rivers.I enjoy looking at the trout and smelts swimming under the ice before the snow get on it,and trying to get them to bite.I try all kinds of
    lures and hooks but find a florscent orange the best hook for trout.
    What do you like to use?

  3. When fishing up on Little Bay de Noc, I mainly fish for Walleye and Perch. We will get a Pike here and there too.

    For walleye - when jigging - I use a swedish pimple tipped with a 4-6" minnow and at dusk I will jig with raps - mostly perch color and orange. When tip-up fising for walleye we will use a big Swedish Pimple with a big sucker minnow 8-9".

    For perch - I jig a small Swedish Pimple tipped with a small 2-4" Minnow. I have also had a lot of success the drop shot method - helps reduce the amount of gobies caught! I put the weight at the end of the fishing line and set the hook about 6" above that - tipped with a minnow.
  4. For me it will be jigging for walleye here on the Saginaw Bay hopefully earlier than last yr....

    Good Luck to all....
  5. Salmon

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    Crappie will be my first ice target..usually get several pike while I am after them.
  6. Steve

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    Bluegills, for me. Hopefully we'll have ice by the end of December.
  7. Crappie & bluegills for sure. heard we've got 3" in the bays around here, but haven't seen it myself. I've got stuff going on right now, but the weekend of the 15th we're hopin' to get out on some ice.
  8. making ice

    We're making ice today for sure!!! -4 degrees(F) when I got up for work this morning. 10 am now and it's only 10 degrees(F) out!
  9. Feed Man

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    We have about 6 - 8 inches around the Fifield area.