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  1. The fisher usually makes his weekly visit to the bear bait. The two big bears quit hitting the past week. The bear in the pics below are of a new visitor. It appears to be a dry sow. Even she comes in after I leave. My season ends October 7 so I will only be able to hunt Saturday evening. I sat last Saturday and the acorns are still dropping. I had such high hopes when I started to bait with so many different bear hitting and so many day time visits. I did find out that I wasn't the only one in the area hunting bear and this could be some of the reason that the bear are only hitting at night.





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    Sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice pics thanks for posting.

  4. awesome photos

    What's that fisher doing to the grouse population, do you have any idea? They're neat creatures, but I'm not sure we need very many of them.
  5. I have lot's of grouse in my area. I would imagine that they have raided a few nest.
  6. Nice bait station U have there! Dawn to dusk on Sat, thats all I can say! A bear may do (and could be doing) a walk bye and not come into camera range.
    Fishers, neat creatures but I would not ever want one on my tail feathers! The less I have the better I feel, I see em laying on the road and I smile!
    Good Luck.
  7. Nice pictures, what type of camera do you use ?
  8. The pictures were taken with a Homebrew using a Sony S40 camera
  9. I own 3 Moultries 2 I40's & 1 Outfitter Cam.