Fishing for Bluegills when snakes attack Movie

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  1. Fishing for Bluegills when snakes attack Movie
    A Friend of mine Paul A sergeant for Washtenaw Co Sheriff Dept was fishing for Bluegills in a large private pond with his 2 boys when he was reeling In a bluegill about 6 -7 inches long when a Black colored Snake grabbed onto the blue Gill, He had his Digital Camera so with one hand holding the rod and the camera in the other he filmed this.
    its about 1 min 18 seconds long, at first its hard to see the snake or bluegill because of the weeds and the bluegill is light colored then you can see it, in this minute and 18 seconds at least 2 more snakes come in and all 3 look to be hanging onto the bluegill, then you see another swim in.
    He said the snakes looked be about 3 feet long but then him Being a Cop and all cops exaggerate who knows.
    I have never seen this before or heard of it either, There must be a tremendous amount of snakes in this pond as its fairly large and to have 3 to 4 come after the bluegill in such a small area was something. flv