Fleischkäse und Kartoffelsalat

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    It consists of corned beef, pork, bacon and onions and is made by grinding the ingredients very finely and then baking it as a loaf in a bread pan until it has a crunchy brown crust.


    It is a staple of Bavarian and Austrian fast food stalls, butcher shops and supermarkets. Cut into approximately finger-thick slices, usually served with süßer Senf (Bavarian sweet mustard) and soft pretzels, Sauerkraut or Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)

    Every Easter Eve we invite the Rott's over. Kevin and Jo Ellen and their two kids Liam and Ciara. I cook some type of German meal. This meal was my favorite when I lived in Germany for 6 years.

    PS: I love all Senf so we had 6 different kinds of it from light your face mustard to sweet.
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