Flintlock Rifle Hunting

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  1. I don't see anything about hunting with traditional equipment. By that I mean either a side hammer or flintlock rifle using a patched round ball.
    The modern in lines are fine if thats what you like but to me they are too much like a high power rifle.. Are there many guys or gals out there that feel likewise.
  2. I have nothing against the inlines but for me it's a Flintlocker, I have a couple of them. Last season was my first season hunting with a muzzleloader and I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the muzzleloading season again!

  3. Buck

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    I have a Thompson Center .54 cal Renegade.It does get the job done and more fun also.Some times it is better to slow down the pace a bit.
  4. Weapons

    I have a Euroarms 45 caliber cap & ball long rifle and a Pedesoli 50 Cal. flint lock long rifle and use black powder in both. Haven't had the flint lock as long as the other so haven't gotten anything with it yet. Have gotten quite a few deer with the 45 Cal. the biggest being a 10pt.:)
  5. I hunt with a flintlock during the muzzleloader season here in the UP. Sometimes I use it during the regular rifle season, too. Doesn't make any difference to me what other people choose to use.

  6. Side lock Hunting

    I use two different Flintlocks and 3 side lock percussion. I even use an inline T C Encore. all work well had have there place with limitations. I even use a 54 cal pistol.
  7. I've deer hunted excluively with a traditional styled muzzleloader for almost 25 years. Black powder and patched roundballs. About 8 years ago, I was Jonesing for a new rifle, and became enamored with flintlocks. I bought a Cabella's Traditional Hawkins. LOVE it. I especially like taking it to the range and letting others shoot it. First timers get a real kick out of the ball of fire coming out of the pan right next to their face.

    It sometimes lets me down, but I'd not trade it for anything.