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  1. i planted a small food plot this past year with little to no success:confused:-about 80yds x 50yds. i planted a mixture bag early June(cant remember the name-oats,clover & :coco:???), it grew about 8-10in in height then nothing. my guess was not enuff rain? i dont think it was over eaten just died off. i was a little disapointed on the results but will try again. did have pics of 2 small bucks that never seen the previous years tho.

    any suggestions would be helpful. i'm a rookie @ plots so be kind.
  2. First, did you have your soil tested? Sometimes one must amend the soil to get the desired results. Also, check with the local co-op or farm bureau. They may be able to make recommendations for your area.

    The rain is out of your hands. Soil prep, seed selection and plot maintenance are all you can do.

  3. thanx flintlocker, i did not have soil tested. maybe i should have! that's surely something i will try this season.
  4. As Flintlocker said have soil tested and lime and fertilize as recommended. Also did you spray any thing to kill weeds? I would recommend at least a couple of sprayings of 41% glyphosate [Generic Roundup]. Also put up an exclusion cage to keep deer from eating a small area to see if the deer are eating off your plantings. Also a fall planting has a better chance of growing with cooler weather and usually more rain. The mix you had oats and clover should do real well if planted around Labor Day.
  5. Tt, i did spray 2x to combat the weeds plus pulled some later on as the season went along. i will try the fence and later planting. eventually i'll get this to work out in my behalf. collecting as much advive as possible to try this year.

    THANK YOU:bowdown:
  6. You might get a surprise this spring with the clover. Some times the clover won't look like much until the following spring.
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    Did you have a camera on it at all to see how much the deer where browsing it. I know in my area, a plot that size, even if it all comes up, won't last long after the deer start tearing into it.
  8. Yep i had 2 cameras up, one right on it, the other about 50-60 yds away to see if anything was missed around the area. thanks for all input. like i said i will try again this year and hope to get better with time. i am not discouraged yet !!!! thanks, TIM