Frabill Straight Line Combo

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by raisirat, Sep 9, 2011.

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  2. I just got the straight line Combo from the "Gift Bringer" aka the UPS Guy! I also got something else from him today.


    My 1st thoughts on the Combo as I hold it in my hand right now. Is "Not bad" I will be digging into the reel and inspecting it closely for one of my upcoming product reviews.

    If you want to see what I else I got you can read more about it here:
    Upcoming product reviews

  3. So I have gotten a few emails and questions over on some other ice fishing boards on how to switch the retrieval on this new combo. I thought it would be a good idea to maybe make a quick little video for those that wanted to know this.
  4. I've seen them and just like anything else has it's advantages and disadvantages. Good for shallow water but forget deep water especially if you want to get back down quickly. Personally I've invested in my ice fishing rods/reels and can't see doing it all over again. All but one rod that I use for panfish is a Frabill as I do like their feel and sensitivity but have them matched with spinning reels.
  5. With that said I realize the biggest advantage to the straight line combo is no line twist. I just might have to invest in at least one to see if it meets my shallow water expectations.