French Brittany for Ruffled Grouse & Woodcock

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  1. I recently retired and was fortunate to move back to northern Wisconsin. This gives me time and opportunity to get a dog, train it and spend time hunting ruffled grouse and woodcock.

    I researched breeds and a French Brittany is a good fit in terms of a house pet for our family, a good dog for a newbie trainer (aka me) as well as a dog that does well hunting ruffled grouse and woodcock. I am focusing my search on a French Brittany as opposed to an American Brittany, as they tend to be a closer working dog and meet my particular needs.

    For all you ruffled grouse and woodcock hunters. Do you own a French Brittany that as one breeder put it “is a once in a life time dog” or do you know someone who does? If so, which breeder did you get the pup from and how did you go about selecting the pup?

    I am more than willing to travel and pay a fair price for a pup. Any assistance you can give is appreciated!


    PS – I did search the site for information on French Brittany’s. Saw a lot of good information but did not see information that addressed my specific request. If I missed it, I apologize.
  2. I have a friend that has a FB. Actually it is the first ever Navdha VC FB. Pretty impressive accomplishment for any dog let alone a dog that weighs 30 lbs.!!!

    Only down fall that I can see is the ability to handle Wisconsin winters. They arn't the best cold weather dog. But sounds like you have done your home work...good for you!!

    If your interested I can give you the contact of my buddy.

    Good luck and post pictures when you get that pup.


  3. Hello Griffman, if you would pass along your buddy's contact information that would be great!

  4. Did you make contact yet??
  5. I sent an email but did not get a response. Perhaps I hit a junk mail filter.. :smile:
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    You have a PM over on the site. BTW, how's the pup doing? FRANK