Friends call me Dude..

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by hd_dude63, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I'm the new guy here..So hello all..Totall Bow fanatic,been doin it 38 years..Got some land on the Horicon marsh. Shoot a Hoyt Maxxis31..when im not in the stand in either preparing for it or on my harley..hunt safe and keep the rubber side down..Dude
  2. Hey Dude ! you sound like my kinda guy ! Welcome---bowhunter for 46 years---crappie and walleye slayer Up Nort in bowhunting off season. I have also been a Hoyt man since I cam remember along with Creating a lot of Muzzy Moments !

  3. I used to shoot Muzzy's..Now i'm hooked on Rage..Been shooting them 4 years them..
  4. I too shoot a hoyt(rampage xt) and ride a Harley. Doesn't look like riding season is gonna happen for a while up here.
  5. Hoyt (Trykon) & Rage 2 blades -- love them both.