Gander Mountain deception

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  1. Ordinarily I believe in bringing problems to a manager rather than posting, but I had no success in doing sol

    Buddies and I were headed for a gun show in Green Bay when we saw a huge sign advertising Gander Mtn. storewide clearance sale up to 75% off. We pulled off the highway to check it out. I found some of the clothing items to be "on sale" but no guns, ammunition, reloading supplies, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, boots, or any other items I was interested were included in the "storewide" sale.

    I asked the store manager about this and he said that "technically" within the confines of the outer walls there were indeed items on sale. That made it storewide. I offered my opinion that competing against Cabelas and the internet is always a challenge, and that deceiving (lying to) customers to get them in the door would not serve Gander Mtn. well in the long run.

    Maybe such a marketing strategy is what the "clever" business people do. I'll do my business with folks with integrity.

    My opinion only.
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    Not cool man. Hopefully they clean up their act.