get a bear tag ?

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  1. So how did everyone do this year getting a bear tag, or if you didn't get one, how many points did you have (including the one given at the drawing) that was unsuccessful, and what zone were you trying for?
  2. My son got his 1st Bear Tag for Unit C. I have 2 points, it will be a few years before I will draw another tag.

  3. I drew a tag for zone C.
    First bear tag.
  4. Tom & Brian.......
    How many points did it take in Zone C for your kill tags issued?
    Did you guys go after Zone C because it was quicker to draw a tag, or do you live in or normally hunt that area of the state anyway?
    I've got a nephew who I'd like to transfer a kill tag to before he gets to old to qualify, and Zone C may be the only Zone that will draw successful in time.
    North of what area in Zone C begins to turn into quality bear area before a person reaches Zone B?
  5. Rick
    I had 4 pints before applying this year.
    (In looking at the point data release by the DNR, it looks like 4 points was what it took to get a tag in zone C this year.)
    I live and hunt in zone C so that's why I picked that zone.
    My hunting land is at the very northern edge of zone C in Polk County. We are about 5 miles south of zone D.
    I am not familiar with the zone C area that is south of zone B.
  6. I just took a point and sitting on 7 now.
  7. My son had 5 preference points but this was the 1st year that he put in for kill tag. I drew in Zone C 2 years ago with 3 preference points. I own land in Zone C and have quite a few bears that frequent my land. Had 7 different bears visit a bait that I put out for fun last year. I would think if you would draw a line from Oconto to Shawano and continue West on Highway 29 to the Minnesota line you should be able to find some good numbers of bear.
  8. I didnt draw a tag this year:irked:
    I may have enough for a MI tag-we'll see

    Any idea what areas are best in the UP?
  9. My daughter drew a tag this year. She had 11 points going in due to a point transfer from my father that passed last June.

    For a guaranteed tag this year. It took 8 in A 10 in B 5 in C, and 9 in D. The WDNR can only issue tags for 18% of the population. It was strecthed again this year. issuing tags based on avg harvest rates in years past. So if we have a good year we will over harvest. They did leave a 1% fudge factor. That may not be enough if a good year. In any case the numbers will not allow the tags to go up next year. They may stay the same, but are poised for a reduction. I can go into all the math and such if anyone wants. Yet it can get long.

    Uplandhnter- MI bear hunting is in the toilet!!!! Don't believe the hype put out by the bear baiting pimps. I have friends that have been bear hunting the up 40+ years, and can go days without finding a bear!!! The MI population has not been estimated at 11,000. They are looking at issuing 12,000 tags this year!!!! A kill them all attitude. Even if they are using the historic st rate of 17% vs the 66% in WI. They still are going to remove at least 20% of the population. Since there is no law on shooting small bear a lot are getting shot before they can breed. I can show you pics that would make you sick!! Guys legally shooting 60lb cubs. What's worse paying $1500 to do it!!

    The area in the UP that seems to have the most bear is around the Newbury area. Closer to the towns of that area. The fare western part seems to have a few as well.The rest of the UP forget it.

    You want to see some interesting things about this. Visit the website. These guys are trying hard to get things changed for the future of MI.

    On a side note- We still have openings for at least 2 hunters with the hounds in Zone B this year. Feel free to contact me for info on this!