getting ready?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by scrappy, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. How is everyone preparing for the fast approaching bow season? Anyone spot any nice bucks that their hoping to get a shot at?

    I've been shooting as much as I can but wish it were more. My goal is to be pretty accurate to atleast 40 yards. Haven't seen many big bucks yet.
  2. Can't Wait

    I am getting really excited about bow season. I have been shooting quite a bit as of late and I am shooting some very good groups. I need to get out and do some scouting and hanging the last of my stands. I just moved here from Michigan and I can not believe the size of some of the deer I have been seeing. Should be a very fun and exciting season. Good Luck to everyone.


  3. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Wish we had more deer like that in Michigan. I'm getting ready and starting my shooting routine every night.
  4. buck83

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    I'm getting anxious too. I love this time of year. Last year I passed on a few nice bucks who should be even bigger this year. Hopefully they made it and they'll come my way again. Until the start of Michigan's season (Oct. 1st) I need to practice and stay out of my hunting area. (that's the hard part for me):tsk: