Going Nuts !!

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  1. Well, the season has been over in Wisconsin for almost a month now and .....I am going NUTS !!!!

    What are all you bird hunters doing to not go crazier :lol:
  2. I try to keep going and pretend that I'm still hunting. :smile: The only thing the dogs don't like is the starter pistol rather than the shotgun. Keeps them and me in shape and we locate new grouse cover.

  3. griff

    You're too 1 dimensional!:wink: I've learned to pass the time by having a dog for all seasons. Sept through Nov we grouse and duck hunt with my pointer and labs, then Nov through Feb we coon hunt with my treeing walker with some guided lab pheasant hunts during the day, then July through September we bear hunt with my walker. That only leaves Feb through June which we spend at the ice shack and ice-spring fishing, as well as tuning up on flight woodcock. Always something to be done in the woods.:wink:
  4. With the way this winter has gone I've been able to get out and run the dogs on grouse several times since the season ended. I was out this afternoon and had 6 points (4 on woodcock and 2 on grouse) in an hour.