Golden Day

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    I was driving home and I saw a guy fishing in a trout FREE zone. It was nothing more than a ditch with some water in it. I saw he had Illinois plates and I decided he needed a little help.

    I stopped and talked to him. He was a beginner trout angler and this was his maiden voyage. We talked a while and we then went to a good stream in the area.

    He parked at the top/end of his fishing point and he got in with me and I dropped him off at his beginning point after I gave him a couple panther martins.

    I just got this email from him:

    Dear Len,

    Thank you for your help on Sunday. You gave me a terrific gift that I will always be grateful for. Before you said hello to me I had exactly 32 casts for trout in my life. You turned a day that would have been forgettable into one that I will remember for the rest of my life. A day that my father in law would describe as a "golden day".

    I hit the trifecta: 1 Rainbow (first fish caught), 2 Brook Trout (1 at 12" last fish caught) and 33 Brown Trout. Nothing over 12" but they are really fat. I missed more than I caught. I had cranes flying 20 feet over my head and the barn swallows kept me company. No hassle from any bipeds. It was a terrific day and I hope I can return the favor. I saw the fish hit the spinner you gave me in that clear water and did not loose it, but I did have to get it out of one tree, barbed wire and a bush. This was a day that a boy living with his 7 million closest friends could never have dreamed of. I am going upstream next time for a few for supper.

    I hope you have a most excellent week and that our paths cross again.

    Best Regards,
    Jim Schloss

    We Wisconsin folks are known for our friendliness and willingness to share.