Golden Won't Pick Up Birds, Please help!

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  1. Good evening all. I am new to this forum and am looking for dire help with my problem. First and foremost, I am 25 years old and love my 1.5 year old Golden. I am not looking to get a different dog for hunting, I am determined to get her to be a hunter. She is a pure bred Golden and LOVES retrieving bumpers, toys, wings, or anything else other than a real bird. For some reason, when it falls, she refuses to pick it up. I bought a few dead birds and froze them and try to put them into her mouth to carry. She cowers and refuses to do it, but I move forward. Once she finally holds it, she is like afraid to move. A little bit of that and then she starts walking around with it in her mouth and wagging her tail. She eventually gets the hang of it, but ultimately refuses to pick it up. I have to continually force her mouth open. Then I try again the next day, and it's like she didn't learn a thing. Is a frozen pheasant maybe too big for her to start with? Her bumpers are like the same size. I did use some frozen mourning doves one time and she would retrieve those just fine. Does anyone have anything they could shed a light on? I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Zack,

    I am not experienced enough to be able to give you specific training advice. However, I see no responses so far. If you want to get some more immediate feedback you could try posting on the versatile forum. There are several knowledgeable people there and they frequent if often.

    You may want to read up on the trained retrieve or what some people call force fetch. I am not saying it is the answer, but I suspect someone will bring it up and you may want to get familiar with the concept.

    Better than Internet forums is finding an experienced person to view your dog in the flesh who can read dogs and talk through some options. In general where are you located? Maybe someone on the forum is close to you and can help in person.

    Good luck.