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  1. Get a Jackson County Sportsman's Map from the Jackson County Forestry and Parks Dept. It shows good private property that the county retains rights of the public to access for hunting and fishing that not many people are aware of. The right of the public to hunt and fish was never given up when the county sold this property years ago. Some of this property can be easily accessed from public roads.

    Another little known hot spot is the "Shale Pit." The Town of Alma owns 80 acres of land known as the “Shale Pit” between Black River Falls and Merrillan. It is just a few miles west of hwy 12/27 off of E. Snow Creek Rd and accessed by a 1.45 acre strip of land with a gravel road.

    Although there is a gate on the access road, both properties are open to the public by walk-in only. Don't let the posted signs fool you. The township is just unwilling to mark it as public access and the adjacent landowners aggressively post the edges to disguise it as private. The survey of the roadway to the 80 acres is 66.06 feet wide so there's plenty of room to park at the gate.

    It's QDM all around this area and one of the largest bucks in Jackson county was taken in the "Shale Pit" this past rifle season. The other accessible properties shown on the Jackson County Sportsman's Map really opens up a lot of quality hunting and fishing opportunities. Get a plat book, do some map study, use the Jackson County mapping tool on their website and do some scouting.

    Good Luck!
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    I hope you don't hunt around there unless you enjoy company.

  3. Why yes, it's the only place I hunt and I'm trying to keep it a secret...can't get anything past you...
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    Well I would say that it's no longer any kind of secret.
  5. Thanks for the info. I've been relying on my brother for information on places to hunt whenever I head back home to WI on leave from the military but usually it's the same spot. Any new information is very helpful.
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