good luck to you

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  1. good luck to all you that have a bear tag this year. post some pics when you get them.
  2. I've seen several registered across from my house, nothing real big yet. I've seen 6 smaller bear but it's too early.

  3. luck

    Had some luck last Sunday on 9-11. Was able to take this bear with hounds in zone B. Dressed at 252. Passed on a questionable shooter on Sat and glad I did. This Plott was the dog that started the track, cold trailed about 300 yards and jumped it. Chase lasted about 30 minutes. Dogs did their job and I did mine. I'm the dork with the gun.:wink:
  4. My first

    My first, and hopefully not my last. Not the biggest in the state, and i'm sure not the smallest but here it is.

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  5. great job lking and randye