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  1. Good luck to everyone who will be heading out this weekend for the start of the archery season. Be safe, wear a harness, and shoot straight!
  2. I would like to add ..... Be Sure Of Your Target And What's Beyond ..... Mistaking a person for an animal isn't just for gun hunters anymore !!

  3. Great day Saturday. Just sat for a few hours but it was awesome to just sit in a tree. Caught some great video.
    Just a great day to be in the Lords creation!
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    Please be safe and wear a harness.
  5. pretty bummed today. I messed up on a real nice buck last night, would have been my biggest buck with a bow and maybe biggest buck ever. I don't know what happened. Hopefully he did not die, and someone in our group will get another crack at him. I guess I should just concider myself blessed to have had such an eventfull night. Saw 7 bucks, and a couple does. The bucks were all sparring throughout the night right infront of me 25 yards away.