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  1. Good afternoon folks. I have been traveling up to you guys neck of the woods for 10 years now and trying to meet folks at the tailgate to get some kind of tradition started. Im looking to find someone in the area who would have the means and be able to trade some hunts with a South Texas fella. So far the only folks I have been able to do this with are some Seattle fans I met up with there in green bay a few years back and they aren't much of the hunting type Haha. I will be coming up September 7th through the 11th this year. I see goose, teal, and dove are in season then. Although in the winter(probably not much of a winter by yalls terms) we have alot of geese down here ive yet to hunt them. We also have teal a few hours drive but never hunted them. Im not picky would just like to get in the Wisconsin outdoors. Down here we have boatloads of whitetail, feral hogs, Rio grande turkey, and dove(whitewing, mourning and Eurasian). We also have javelina although those are sometimes hard to find. I also have a boat and catch redfish out of the bays often with occasional speckled trout and black drum. That's about a 2 hour drive for us though. I sure would like to get in contact with someone and get something set up. Last year we booked a fishing trip in sheboygen and wound up empty handed but hey that's fishing. Anyways hope to hear back from some of you. Have a good one and GOPACKGO