Green Bay Report

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  1. Report from Green Bay 11/2 and 11-3

    Hunted for a few hours before work on Friday. Ended up with our two man limit of BB's and one drake Mallard before heading in.

    Saturday - took out a couple of new hunters to Green Bay - ended up with our BB limit in 26 minutes of shooting time. Also took 2 drake Mallards, 1 drake Bufflehead and one Bull Can.

    I could not go out on Sunday due to prior obligations with the family - but my buddy did and he said the birds had moved out. I will not get out again until Saturday - hopefully the weather pushed some more birds our way!
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  2. Good day

    Looks like it was a good day out. You can't go wrong with a bonus Can!

  3. I could not beleive no January ,,until I saw the date