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  1. Hi all New to the forums here. Just signed up. I see a few names around here that I know so it should feel like home real quick.
    As per my name I have a Yellow Lab "Cody" and a Golden Retriever "Zeke" Also have a Plott Hound "Boomer" and looking at getting a Bluetic "Name"
    I love bow hunting deer, Waterfowl hunting, hound hunting, and trapping as time permits.
    I have a great wife of 28 years that puts up with all my nonsence. 2 grown kids and 2 Grandchildren.

  2. Welcome, Water Dog!

    I have a dog named Cody, too...he's not a water dog, but he'd like to be. He loves ducks-odd for an English Setter, but he does. Turkeys, too. He was cross-trained last fall as a fall turkey dog, ya never know, duckin' could be on his list for next year...LOL

    Anyway, nice to see someone new. Doing any trapping this winter? We've got a few sets out right now.

  3. I have a few Cable Restraints out for Yotes behind the house but it's hit and miss when they are back there but I'm ready the next time they come through. Wish I could expand out further but this is about all I can do right now and get them checked before work!