Grouse hunter poll

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  1. less than 4 days a year

  2. 5-9 days a year

  3. 10-19 days a year

  4. 20-29 days a year

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  5. More than 30 but not enough !!!

  1. Okay, so the winter is getting me bored and with the grouse season closed, I thought I'd take a survey of grouse hunters.

    I have often thought that most guys are hunters that grouse hunt occasionally. Not grouse hunters.

    We'll see.

    Griff Man
  2. You should have had your high number greater than 30.I'm just starting to get warmed up at 30 :cool: times out.:smile: I managed to get out 87 times this season.

  3. That would be under the category of "NOT ENOUGH"!!

    or the Category of "close to divorce" :lol:
  4. Griffman, I think the proper category would be retired-wife glad to get husband out of the house for 2-3 hours.:bouncy:

  5. Only 5 grouse hunters on this forum???:tdo12:
  6. Sorry I haven't been on lately to see the new posts. I'm lucky to get out for the 2 day weekends before the 9 day gun season, due to work obligations but as of the friday before thanksgiving the work season is done and all bets are off. Don't know if I quite rival 87 but I know I'm pushing the 50 mark if you throw in the 2-3 hour hunts.
  7. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    87, holy smokes!

  8. Steve,

    You gotta remember grouse hunters count differently that most others.
    We walk in and hear a grouse and walk out and flush the same grouse and tell folks we had 12 flushes :lol:
  9. Steve, I came up with 87 times grouse and woodcock hunting this year by checking the log I keep.When I get home from a hunt I enter the date, where I went and several other things. At the end of the season I added up the entry dates and got 87.
  10. I'm usually in the 50-60 range, that would also include about 5 trips to the duck blind, though. This fall I hunted 7 different counties in Wisconsin quite frequently.
  11. I usually get out 40 or more times a season though during the week I'm limited to only a couple hours or so.
  12. lets get this back to the top of the forum ....

    any grouse hunters out there ???
  13. 10 Days and counting….
  14. Who's counting ......:dizzy:

    okay maybe I am ...:lol: