Grouse Really Dont migrate

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  1. Today, I was in the company of a good friend that has been pestering me to go hunting with him. I have put him off for a couple of years, for no good reason. Just wasnt in the mood.
    Yesterday, Dennis called and again said we should be Grouse Hunting, lets go tomorrow. He offered to cook lunch, and mentioned a Steak... Well I was hooked, today I arrived at the appointed time and we had NY Strip steaks, and condiments.
    After a change of clothes, we headed out grouse hunting. I insisted on driving. Dennis was very reluctant, and after we were driving out, he said " I put blinders on guys I take to my honey holes " Youre the first to see where these spots are... I aint kidding you he was serious...
    Anyway, in Nr 1 a corridor along a power line with both sides being very brushy with blow downs it looked promising. My dog Rudi was down and she pointed a woodcock, (Closed) and we had 2 wild flushes of grouse out of range and one grouse point, wild flush out of range.
    I was encouraged beyond belief. I have NEVER been able to figure out grouse to any degree, much less after the leaves drop.
    Spot nr 2 Dennis had his 10yr old Pointer Molly down and she was a crackerjack. That dog has handled more grouse in her lifetime than all of my dogs in 30yrs. A real sharp dog, one to be proud of. She pointed several times with birds flushing out of range, but finally one flushed and I whacked it.
    We moved down the road a ways, and she pointed in some really thick stuff, pines and brush. I didnt feel there was much hope of seeing any feathers, but Dennis was standing behind the dog on a two track, and I circled ahead of the dog and came back towards them. The plan worked, the bird flushed towards Dennis and flew across the road. He scored.
    We moved to a third spot, and put both dogs down, it was loaded with crabapple trees. Most of the fruit was gone, but the birds were looking on the ground and it was close to sundown. We had a pointed WC, and two more grouse points. But scored no more birds.
    A great afternoon, and let me tell you I now have positive verification grouse arent migrating with woodcock. ;)
    Me and Molly (the first long tailed pointer I EVER hunted around)
    Dennis, with his Grouse
  2. Great story thanks for sharing.

    Looks like that grouse you are holding was a young bird??

    This weekend up north we had good luck and all birds were quit small bodied. Good to see the broods did well, but I was thinking these birds may be late broods or even second broods?

  3. Both birds had small bodies, and were in loose groups suggesting young of the year. Although the tail feathers were pretty full I have seen longer.